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Mistress Nova  is as sensual as she is sadistic.

She delights in taking control of you and making you her dirty little slut. Your flesh will tremble under her touch, as you melt under her capable hands. She will shape you into submission, like clay as it meets the lathe. Worship at her feet, kissing the ground that she walks upon, and licking the heel of her gleaming boots. She is your your omnipotent Goddess. Your Mistress may see fit to immobilize you, objectify you, or dress you up and sissify you. Indulge in your darkest fantasies together, if you dare.

Mistress Nova was trained in the Bay Area at the Gates, alongside many talented dominatrix artists. She has continued to practice the art of domination in Denver since 2017. Her style is creative domination, with just the right mix of sweet and spicy. Her areas of interest include impact play, bondage, humiliation, foot fetish, worship, watersports, mummification, and more. She is always open to new ideas and excited to hear what turns you on. 


"Thank you for the wonderful session, Mistress Nova. Never before have I felt so fulfilled and stimulated as I have in Your presence. Your attention to detail combined with Your hypnotic energy brought me to new heights of ecstasy."  - M.


"Forever I would be your slave, and slave even the smallest of your hair, my mistress. I would kneel before your Imperial Presence, prostrate before your Real Feet, and be a slave for / forever, even the smallest of your hair; Oh, Divine Goddess. I have often imagined women as all- Even in the smallest of their hairs.

Magical powers, extraordinary strength, invulnerability all kinds of powers imaginable and unimaginable. Capable of becoming gigantic, of moving each and every one of their hairs, as to bind, protect and / or enslave all the infinite" - S.

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